Here at Sussan, we have been celebrating the spirit of Australian women for more than 80 years.

Through our designs and brand partnerships, we are committed to supporting, empowering and championing women and are always looking for new ways to help our community thrive.

Now, we want to recognise the influential women of our Sussan family by sharing their unique and uplifting stories.

From female cotton farmers and garment technicians to motivating members of our wider community, including Breast Cancer Network Australia.

With that, we give you: For Women By Women, a new column featuring valuable and diverse insights from women who create, design, and inspire.


How does your role contribute to the world of Sussan?

Being a woman, I understand the needs and wants of the Australian women who shop at our brand. As a part of the Quality Assurance team, I aim to create the highest quality and most comfortable clothing. I take pride in developing and refining products.

Working directly with our suppliers, I make sure that the high standards which we have always aimed for are achieved.  

How do you approach your role’s process?

As a garment technician in the QA team, I make sure our suppliers conduct all the required testing before production including preliminary, bulk/trims testing on fabrics to attain the highest quality of material for our garments.

I also conduct fit sessions with live models and buyers to ensure that the garments being produced are technically sound and comfortable in order to achieve the best fit. We keep in mind that our customers are based in various parts of the country with diverse climates.

Each garment is carefully inspected and individually aligned to the required specifications to ensure high quality and the perfect fit.  

I work closely with the buyers as well as our overseas suppliers to achieve my role’s mission, vision, and values. This includes communicating and conveying the designer’s vision to the suppliers to bring their ideas to life in a technically sound yet beautiful manner.

What excites you most about designing for women?

The most exciting part of my job would have to be the satisfaction of seeing our beautiful, high-quality garments in store and receiving appreciation from our customers. After all the hard work and effort that is put into producing our products, it is truly delightful to see the results. 

What do you see as the positives and challenges of being a woman today?

Being a woman is glorious. We have been given the privilege to carry life within us and we have so much power and strength. We can be whoever and whatever we want to be!

But the world also expects a lot from women in today’s world. We have many responsibilities and roles which we must play.

We are nurturing mothers, loving partners, strong professionals, committed friends and we do all this simultaneously.

What does ‘For Women. By Women’ mean to you?

Women working together in a community — a sisterhood — which understands the challenges and trials of being a woman is what ‘For Women. By Women’ is all about. We understand the women we create our products for at Sussan as we ourselves are these women.

What is your favourite quote or life mantra?

I truly believe in the practice of working on oneself and learning to love and accept every part of what makes us who we are. Self-love has always been an ongoing part in my life, and I truly believe we must first learn to love and accept ourselves before anyone else. 

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

 The best piece of advice I have ever received is to always listen to others and learn from the people around you. Working in Sussan has made me a stronger and more confident person. The women I work with on a day-to-day basis exude these qualities and teach me something new every single day.

What is your night-time ritual?

My night-time ritual involves a small skincare routine followed by a warm cup of herbal tea, such as rosehip or lemon balm and finally jumping into my soft and comfy Sussan pyjama set.

Who is a women who inspires you and has helped you thrive, who you would nominate as part of #womenforwomen campaign?

My family is full of creative and fashionable women who have always loved to dress up and flaunt their unique sense of style. I grew up seeing my mother always dressed immaculately, despite being a mother to four kids and looking after the house. There was never a day when she didn’t have her bright red lipstick and her ‘70s style, wing eyeliner on. I think fashion has always been a part of my life because of the influence of my mother and her mother before her.


We are thrilled to launch a new initiative, inviting women to nominate and celebrate the women in their lives. We want to put you, our Sussan community, centre stage. We call it ‘women for women’.

As part of #womenforwomen campaign, we’re asking you to nominate a women who inspires you. This could be a woman who has lifted her community or someone you’d like to thank for all they do for you.

To win a $20 online voucher for yourself and the woman you nominate, simply:

  1. Make sure you’re following @sussanfashion and like this post.
  2. Tag your nominated woman
  3. Comment in 25 words or less who you’d like to nominate and why?

We’ll pick two winning entries from this post. Competition closes 11.59pm AEST Saturday 30th April, 2022. For T&C’s head to our website.

Read more about the #sussanwomen who inspire us, including our Buyer, Colette Yon.

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