Meet The Maker: Robert Gordon Pottery

Renowned for elevating everyday essential items through beautiful design, Sussan are excited to now offer their customers a selected range of Robert Gordon Pottery.

In recent years, pottery has emerged as a popular pastime and a tactile antidote to the onslaught of technology. But as anyone who has tried their hand at spinning clay can attest, perfecting a simple pot is a skill that takes years of devotion.

For Kate and Hannah Gordon however, it’s a running joke that the sisters have clay coursing through their veins.

Daughters of renowned Australian potter Robert Gordon, the sisters grew up surrounded by the rich heritage of handcrafted pottery.

“It certainly was a given that we would join the family business,” Kate says. 

“Han and I have always had a connection to the business. We grew up with many of the staff — some who have been with us for 30 years,” she says.

From its humble beginnings in a dirt shed in Gembrook over 40 years ago, Robert Gordon Pottery, which was founded by Kate and Hannah’s parents, Robert and Barbara Gordon, has since become one of Australia’s most celebrated designer names. Before that, their grandparents, June Dyson and Collin Gordon, opened Dyson Studios in Melbourne’s Black Rock in 1945. Their pottery is now considered among the most collectable in the country.

Paying their way through university by working on the floor glazing and packing, the Kate and Hannah have always been extremely passionate about continuing their family’s legacy.

“We are three generations of potters with over 70 years history in the industry. When you purchase a piece of Robert Gordon, you are buying a slice of our family history,” says Kate.

Despite their relentless passion for their industry, the sisters do admit that working in a male dominated field has presented challenges.

“Both Han and I work in a very male dominated industry. It hasn’t always been easy finding our voice,” Kate says.

“However, we can see that this is changing. We are both so excited about the rise of amazing creative women absolutely killing it in our industry — and being supported and encouraged by other women to do so.” 

Fusing design and function to striking effect, each piece of Robert Gordon Pottery embodies the same level of integrity and authenticity, using the finest materials to ensure they stand the test of time.

“The current range for Sussan is filled with some of our most classic pieces, and some of our more recent designs,” says Kate.

With a strong emphasis on neutrals, the range also takes its cue from nature to create everyday pieces that are equal measure “practical and beautiful”. 

Discover our Robert Gordon homewares collection in stores and online now.
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