As a pioneer in curating approachable, luxury gifting, Catherine Pilbeam of Pilbeam Living shares her tips for choosing gifts that will genuinely surprise and delight this festive season.

Will we think differently about the way we shop for those we love this year?

Yes, I believe so. I certainly will. I think we will lean towards more personal choices than ever. Gift-giving is about connection and having been less physically connected this year, I think people will be selecting gifts with great thought and love.

With home dinner parties are back on, what should we be taking a host in 2021 if we want to forgo the token bottle of wine? 

Why not take a gift that reflects their personality and to give them something to enjoy in their home once all their entertaining is over, such as a drawer liner sachet, jewellery box or even a notebook.

What do you tell someone who has ‘gifter’s block’ in the lead up to Christmas? 

There’s no such thing! Just go out and explore.

What should we gift …

Our children’s teacher? An Australian made heat pack or eye mask to sooth the stressful year that they have all had. Especially those amazing teachers who have worked so hard to keep our children engaged and positive.

Our best friend? A combo gift is always fun and tells a story. Such as a heat pack to sooth those tired muscles, while holding a calming herbal tea in our sustainable bamboo cup and a lavender and linseed mask to rest on her eyes while taking a moment for herself.

Our neighbour? A scented sachet or drawer liner to freshen their home.

To give back? Our heat packs not only give the gift of comfort to loved ones, but also supports a local community of women through our collaboration with SisterWorks and The Old Church on the Hill in Bendigo. SisterWorks is a not-for-profit social enterprise helping migrant, asylum seeker and refugee women become economically empowered. Each one of our heat packs is carefully packed by hand by this incredible community of women.

Ourselves? Time with friends, family and the ones you love.

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