Summer of Love: Here’s to doing more of what you love with those you adore

Well, that was some year. We laughed. We cried. We felt everything. And what was the thing that got us through? It’s simple. Love.

From reconnecting with childhood friends to Facetime calls with family far away, love lifted us up and brought us together when we couldn’t be.

And after all we have been through in the past two years, it’s now time to finally recharge with a summer of doing the things we love, in the company of those we adore.

To inspire your own bucket list of summer adventures, we asked members of our Sussan community what they are looking forward to this summer, and the friends and family they want to spend their sun-filled days with.

Kirsty Wettenhall, Australian Cotton Farmer

“As the kids grow older and reach adulthood, time together on our farm is becoming less frequent and more precious.

Our daughter Lily, 19 has spent her first year out of school on Gregory Downs as a ‘ringer’ while our son, Mac, 17, is going into Year 12 and attends school as a boarder in Sydney which is six hours away.

Whether we are starting pipes in the middle of the night or working in the cattle yards together, the mundane jobs are made so much more enjoyable when they can be done with the family.

Summer not only brings our children home again, but also a host of their friends.

I remember the fun I had bringing my mates home and the hospitality that my parents provided us as kids. Our homestead, Weemabah, was always seen as ‘party central’ and I am keen to keep that tradition going. It’s a cunning way to get to see more of your own children too!

In between parties, the kids help out on the farm as it’s one of the of the busiest times of year. On the farming front, a wet summer has been predicted which will hopefully result in a bumper crop.

And when that’s all done, we have Christmas and family to look forward to.

Spending that valuable time together, having laughs and building memories is my happy place.”

Suzy Eskander, Stylist

“I can’t wait to go surfing with my husband and kids at Palm Beach at Kiddie’s Corner. Spending all day playing at the beach and seeing my boys build confidence in the water brings me so much joy.

After a year apart from friends, the other thing on my summer bucket list is an Australia Day celebration. We will be in Portsea and invite lots of families over to our house, put some meat on the spit and spend the day hopping in and out of the pool, chatting and laughing with the people we love the most. Those are the days that you cherish forever and wish time could stand still for.”

Emma Vosti, Television presenter

“This summer, I can’t wait to dive into the ocean with my Grandpa on Christmas morning. No matter what the weather is, it’s something that brings him so much joy. I’m also excited for seafood, summer nights around the BBQ with family and my son finally seeing everyone in the flesh. Watching him enjoy endless giggles with his cousins is something I can’t wait for.”

Renee Enright, Stylist

“I can’t wait to tightly embrace loved ones who will visit from interstate; visit wineries and sip rose in the summer sun with friends; catch waves on boogie boards with my boys and plan play dates and big summer social barbecues in the backyard.

I can’t wait to go to an outdoor cinema, to wear dresses and sandals and have dinner dates and girl’s weekends away.

I can’t wait to go shopping and give gifts and celebrate and enjoy all of the simple things.”

Courtney Ray, Daily Blooms Florist

“This summer I am hanging out for a Sunday afternoon sitting outside in the glorious sunshine at the Prince or Espy in St Kilda. Ideally the kids are happily at home with a babysitter so I can catch up with friends and actually have a proper conversation from start to end (I love my children to bits, but the mums will know what I mean!)”

Jess Dempsey, Digital Creator

“Just the thought of the warm sand between my feet, the sound of giggles and splashing in the shallow water on the Mornington Peninsula brings me so much joy. Cheers to long beach days and new memories made with friends and family.”

Anna Mac, Digital Creator

“Here’s to a summer squandering my newfound freedom by lazing around my mum’s pool in the country — glass of bubbles in hand and watching the kids cause havoc on their PeeWee50 in the paddock.”

Annabel Falco, Fashion Journalist

“This Summer I want to switch off my social media apps. I want to disconnect. I want to put my phone down and not be drawn to the constant ‘ping’ of work emails. I plan to be technology-free by the beach with my husband, two children and sausage dog.”

Kate Gaskin, Stylist

“I can’t wait to do a summer road trip with my girlfriends. We have been talking about it for the past two years and now everything is opening up and the weather is getting good, it’s certainly time. Cruising up the coast with stop-offs for swims and local food and wine discoveries = heaven!”

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