Since 2005, Breast Cancer Network Australia’s iconic pink lady has had a bold presence in our stores and wider Sussan community.

During that time, we have not only been inspired by BCNA’s commitment to ensuring those affected by breast cancer receive the very best support, information, treatment, and care, but also by the stories of individuals and their families who have been touched by breast cancer.

Together, with the support of our customers, we have raised more than $2.7 million. But we are far from finished.

This October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we are asking our passionate Sussan community to join us in building awareness for BCNA’s theme to Empower, Connect and Support through initiatives designed to ignite support, invite connection, and empower women facing breast cancer.

To learn more about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and how you can support BCNA’s mission, please continue reading.

Empowering All Women

As a brand that is created for women, by women, Sussan has taken great pride in working with BCNA to fund projects that empower women with information and a powerful, collective voice.

Perhaps the most significant of these was BCNA’s State of the Nation report in 2018. This report was the largest of its kind and armed BCNA with the information needed to identify eight priorities for urgent action and to influence the necessary change in the healthcare system to address them. This work continues and Sussan is currently working with BCNA on State of the Nation 2.0.

In addition to State of the Nation, Sussan continues to fund a number of BCNA’s webcasts and podcasts. They also support the update and development of new content for BCNA’s My Journey App and Online Tool. Sussan’s support of these services helps BCNA to provide 24 hour access to free, up to date information that empowers women to make informed decisions about their treatment and care.  

Connecting Young Women

While more recently Sussan has broadened its scope to initiatives that support all women affected by breast cancer, they have also been instrumental in helping us connect and provide support to young women diagnosed with breast cancer.

This has included sponsorship of BCNA’s young women’s conference,  a young women’s think tank and several podcasts dedicated to addressing the unique challenges that women under 40 with breast cancer face including fertility, work and body image. These initiatives have provided an opportunity for young women with breast cancer to connect with others their own age and to share their unique experiences in a supportive and informed environment. 

Supporting Our Women

Sussan and its customers have not only helped BCNA to support women with breast cancer through the funding of these important projects, it has also supported BCNA in store through initiatives like the Meredith Gaston BCNA range and Sussan’s Pyjama Project in October 2020.

Sussan’s Meredith Gaston range for BCNA, is a collaboration with Australian artist, author and illustrator Meredith Gaston. Meredith’s work is both positive and uplifting and with $5 from every purchase donated to BCNA’s important work, this is just one way Sussan and Meredith are supporting our women.

Meredith even made a special appearance at BCNA’s last Gold Coast conference, taking the time to listen to women about their breast cancer experiences and showing her support in person. 

You can help BCNA connect, support and empower Australians affected by breast cancer this October by visiting us in store or online at sussan.com.au.

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