Back to Nature with DAILY Blooms

We’re meeting the women who invite nature into their busy lives. Whether it’s a bouquet of optimistic colours or a calming burst of eucalyptus scent, florist and owner of DAILY Blooms, Courtney Ray understands the grounding, restorative benefits of nature.

We recently caught up with Courtney and the DAILY Blooms team, and asked them to put together a floral arrangement, inspired by our latest collection.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey with DAILY Blooms.

My working life wasn’t always so colourful. In my life before DAILY Blooms, I spent my days in the (distinctly less pretty) world of Accounting and Finance. I was virtually inseparable from my desk, kept thoroughly busy by spreadsheets. 

After many years of flirting with the idea of working with flowers, I took action, trading my business attire for an apron, the CBD for my garden shed, and throwing myself headfirst into the world of floristry. I became a qualified florist in the evenings, and worked for myself, building the business from the ground up. 

Growing from a bud of a business in 2014, the DAILY Blooms team now consists of over 30 flower enthusiasts and we deliver blooms to more than 500 suburbs Australia-wide. When I am not working alongside my team at DAILY Blooms you’ll more than likely find me on the St Kilda foreshore enjoying time with my husband, kids and the latest addition to our family; our border collie Pepper.

Talk us through the floral arrangement, inspired by our latest collection.

In order to complement the range we opted for soft, natural colours in both arrangements. The lilac, dusty pink and cream tones were handpicked to work in harmony with the earthy tones of the collection. We selected local blooms such as white ice protea and kale flowers for their natural beauty.

How does getting out into nature make you feel centred and grounded?

Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by my never-ending to-do list I get out and go for a run. Getting out into nature instantly clears my head and puts my mind at ease.

What are some of the restorative benefits of nature and the florals you work with?

Working with a natural product is such a pleasure! Every day we immerse ourselves in the fragrance of locally grown blooms and fresh foliage like gum and wattle. It can be very easy to become glued to the computer screen for the majority of the day, so to be able to step away and wander through the rows of freshly arranged bouquets – it’s the perfect balance.  

What do you love about Australian flora?

We grow some of the most vibrant, lush flowers here in Australia. Even after seven years, I still get excited to see bright red Dahlias roll into the warehouse in September or perfect pink Peonies in November. I love that we can use so many locally-grown blooms in our bouquets and that they will change in colour and variety every season.

Discover more from @dailybloomsau or visit their website.

Our July Collection is now available online and in stores.

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