Back to Nature with Sarah Piotrowski

Feel the ground under your feet, the slight breeze, fill your lungs with fresh air. Discover the benefits of yoga from yoga teacher and personal trainer Sarah Piotrowski.

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you started practicing yoga?  

I started yoga when I was about 18 as a way to reconnect to my body through movement. I had been a ballerina training at the Australian Ballet School up until the age of 16 and when I left that vigorous routine, I stopped everything. For me, yoga evolved from a physical practise to one that helped balance my emotions and nervous system. 

I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant so my practice today is very slow, breathe focused, grounding and releasing. 

What are some of the benefits of yoga to our overall health? 

A yoga class can be vigorous, sweaty, challenging and frustrating while at the same time slow, intentional, calming and peaceful. 

A regular practice is beneficial for building physical strength, mobility, and flexibility. But for me, the number one benefit of this ancient practice is the change that can occur, even after just one class, to your nervous system. The shift from feeling stressed in ‘fight or flight’ mode, to a relaxed ‘rest or digest’ state by focusing and following the breathe. It’s so important for our health and well-being. 


When you have a busy day, what helps you relax and unwind? 

Long days on my feet require a warm tea comfy loungewear and deep breathing practices. I’m usually laying on my mat with my legs up the wall or seated listening to a meditation for 10 or so minutes to unwind. 

There is nothing better than taking my practice out into nature. Whether it be a stroll in the sunshine consciously breathing, challenging a balancing pose in the wind or feeling the ground on the soles of my feet as I hold a warrior pose. Moments like these in nature are simply nurturing.

To discover more from Sarah you can follow her on Instagram @sjp_yoga

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