Choose Softness: Montana

“Empathy and compassion are important always, but especially in a time where so many people have had struggles with their mental health.”

Meet Montana, an actress who is learning to harness kindness and empathy through her work.

We asked Montana why soft skills such as kindness and compassion are more important now that ever before

“I think it’s important to try to be kind – even to those who may not reciprocate or welcome that kindness… because you truly never know what someone is going through or the ripple effect your actions might have for them.”

Compassion should never be conditional

“It’s worth remembering that even if objectively the problems of others seem trivial or insignificant – everyone’s pain and struggle is experienced differently and is relative to them and their circumstances. More patience and understanding can only allow for a more nourishing experience as human beings.”

“Clothes are an extension of ourselves and so the best way to dress for me is to practice self-care and cultivate confidence in my inner world, so that it projects to my outer.”

How has the last year cultivated these soft skills? And how have you used them?

2020 was a difficult year for so many, and I took it as an opportunity to strengthen channels of support within my friendships. I made sure to regularly check in with those around me and encourage their self-care practices.
It was particularly important to me to make sure that they knew that there was space in our friendship for them to talk openly about their problems (however small), or just their mood in general without judgement.
Truly listening – unselfishly and without agenda – allows the people I care for to feel supported and validated and even when it takes a little more effort, is worth striving to do.

How do you dress to make you feel confident yet still comfortable?

I dress to feel both comfortable and confident. A powerful attitude can make all the difference and be the best accessory – I often look to iconic women of eras past that I admire and who embody confidence that comes through no matter what they’re wearing.

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