Choose Softness: Malaan

We’re exploring how choosing softness, kindness and compassion, can not only benefit ourselves but also our relationships.

Meet Malaan, a youth worker who is advocating for change, peace and stability in her community.

“My background is south Sudanese and as I have experienced great hardship and seeing my community and country being hopeless and voiceless I am very passionate in bringing peace and development to South Sudan.”

Why are soft skills – empathy, compassion, kindness – important in 2021?

Considering the year we’ve had I believe 2021 is the year of empathy and compassion. It is so important to be empathetic and compassionate towards one another as we don’t know what one faces in their life journey.

2020 was a year that challenged all of us in many ways. This global pandemic affected many socially, financially, mentally, physically, and emotionally and we all experienced this together regardless of who you are.

It showed that, we are all humans and we feel the same emotions. Being aware of people’s feelings and emotions and having the decency to try and understand is one step closer to fixing world problems.

“I am very passionate about being part of a positive chain and making a difference. I will continue to pursue such roles and ultimately reach my goal of working with Red Cross and down the track and the United Nations.”

How has the last year cultivated these soft skills? And how have you used them?

Last year was a big wake-up call for me personally as I discovered myself during this isolating period. I learned how important it is to look after yourself in order to take care of others.

For a very long time I was always caring and eager to help others and did so little for myself. When I couldn’t physically be there for my family and friends, I found it challenging as I found so much joy and gratitude in helping them. I learned to reach out and also be vulnerable. I now constantly call and text a simple “hey, how was your week” instead of waiting until we next see each other.

How do you dress to make you feel confident yet still comfortable?

I love to power dress! When I look good, I feel good. Power dressing allows me to express myself and my mood that day. It is so important to wear clothes that make you feel beautiful and confident. I feel like this sets the tone for me.

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