Continuing our wellness series with author, illustrator and wellness advocate Meredith Gaston, this month she shares her tips cultivating inner and outer beauty.

Have you ever noticed that the most beautiful people posses a sparkle in their eyes, a spring in their step and an aura of magic about them? Indeed, compelling, irresistible beauty is natural beauty that shines from within; that celebrates individuality and authenticity, that is imperfectly perfect, unapologetic and true. In a world of airbrushing and perfectionism, real beauty sparkles as an attitude to life; one of tenderness, courage and faith. Nurturing our beauty through self-care allows us to flourish. Early nights, quiet moments, laughs with friends, adventures in nature, nourishing food and joyous movement are just some of the most beautifying elixirs available to us. May we notice and celebrate our own unique beauty, the unique beauty of others, and the spellbinding beauty of our earth. May we free and broaden any limiting concepts we harbour about beauty, embracing our own tremendous magic and the richness of life. 

Affirmation: My beauty flourishes with tenderness, courage and faith. 
“Approve of yourself, and let your beauty radiate from within.”

Five top tips for cultivating beauty

1. Follow your bliss
Happiness is a wonderful beauty therapist. Be courageous and committed to pursuing the things that ignite your spirit, and let your beauty blossom. 

2. Be-you-tiful! 
Beauty is subjective. What is beautiful to one person may not be so special to another. Even parts of ourselves we may not find so gorgeous can be deeply adored by those with whom we share our lives. Our uniqueness is our superpower. It is the most precious gift we have. Embracing our own unique beauty makes us sparkle, liberates us from self doubt, and allows us to feel at home within ourselves. Feeling beautiful just as we are, we emanate an enchanting and unforgettable energy that inspires others to accept and embrace their own beauty too. Be-you-tiful, and celebrate your life. 

3. Open your heart and mind
We are presented with constant images of beauty, often defined through the eyes of others. Liberate yourself, be savvy, and choose to see beyond glossy finishes to create your very own, unique and personal vision of beauty. Write your own story. 

4. Nourish yourself naturally
Natural beauty is nurtured through thoughtful self-care. Choose natural beauty and body products, eat whole foods and drink ample fresh water each day. Find forms of movement that feel good for your body and enjoy them to the fullest. Spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors, and reap the deeply healing benefits of nature. 

5. Relax and enjoy
When we relax, our beauty blossoms. Inhale and exhale deeply. Relax your shoulders, soften your jaw, let your eyes relax and feel a little lighter. When we let go of tension and carry ourselves with ease, we become all the more graceful and beautiful with each breath. 

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