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Our clothing is designed for life. Made for women, by women, we create each collection with love and longevity in mind; pieces that last when shown the right love and care. We approach our design process responsibly from day one, using high quality fabrics with durable and sustainable properties. We care for our clothes because we care for ourselves, each other, and the environment. Whether it’s a smartly tailored piece, a delicate knit, or a natural cotton tee, taking the right steps to care for the clothing in your closet is essential so that they see you through, season after season, year after year.​ Discover our guide on how to care for and repeatedly love your favourite Sussan pieces so that they look great and last.    


It’s better for you, and for the environment, when we care for our clothes the right way. We want you to rewear your garments season after season, which is why our collections are made up of endlessly wearable styles to  love now and keep forever. To increase the longevity of our clothing, each garment features an individual care label with detailed instructions on how to best wash, dry, and maintain fabric quality. When it comes to effective aftercare, we want to inform and educate our customers and online community on the best way to care for their favourite Sussan garments. Discover our detailed tips on how to launder, store and care for our fabrics to preserve their quality and shape.    

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When we hold on to our clothes, we hold on to the experiences that we lived in them, which is why we should invest in feel-good pieces to wear and repurpose, time after time. Take a moment to consider the foundation pieces that you love to wear and reach for repeatedly, including their fabric properties, durability, and comfortability. Whether it’s a knitted yarn, breathable linen, or natural cotton, choose new garments with sustainable fabrics and similar fits  as your favourite pieces. In time, your wardrobe will become a curation of meaningful and carefully considered forever pieces to take you from one experience to the next.     

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Repeatedly love

Investing time and energy into the upkeep of your clothing is essential to maintaining their quality so that you can wear and love them repeatedly. When we care for our clothes, we care for ourselves, which is why we’ve created a range of garment care products to repair and revitalise your favourite Sussan pieces. For garments that are prone to pilling, use our exclusive knitwear comb to revitalise fabric and gently remove unnecessary lint from areas affected by friction. To keep your naturally delicate garments in their best condition, mend loose threads and affected areas with our repair kit, ideally sized for on-the-go use to keep your clothing in their best condition.    

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