Q&A with Shannah Kennedy

Life and wellbeing strategist Shannah Kennedy is passionate about helping women to be their best selves for a healthy and fulfilling life. As a leading motivational speaker and best selling author, Shannah has developed effective wellness strategies that inspire women to bring happiness and self-care to the forefront. We recently had the pleasure of hosting an Instagram live Q&A session where Shannah answered the top life and wellness questions put forward by our online community. 

Discover Shannah’s answers below, where she shares inspirational advice on how to navigate through challenging times by setting personal goals, practising self-care, and being a positive source of energy for yourself and your loved ones.  

What have you been up to throughout this time?
Each day I ask myself the question, “What is the gift of Covid-19 today”.  Each day I search for a gift. ten weeks of lockdown with kids schooling from home, and both my husband and self working from home has been a big adjustment with many gifts and challenges. Throughout the time I have journaled my emotions and feelings, set small mini goals each week and allowed myself to flow with the change. I have worked closely with my coach every two weeks to find new clarity, purpose and direction for my business and have taken it to a new level because of this and been gentle with myself as my life changed overnight.

What have you been doing to keep entertained?
I set myself the challenge to overhaul the house, learn some new recipes and teach my children to cook and clean. I made friends with the garden and found joy in decluttering each room. As a result I feel lighter, more in control and have everything now up to date. My entertainment has been Netflix and creating some great playlists on Spotify to nurture my love of listening to music. We have also gone through our phones and tidied up the photo libraries and printed some books of recent holidays which has been great fun.

What are you planning on doing this week to care for yourself?
Theme of the week is go gently and flow with the week. After bouts of intense focus on small goals, it is time to repair and restore. This week I am walking every day with some music, observing the last of the autumn as we prepare for the winter months. I am running a bath, making some chicken soup and burning the lavender candle at night. My gratitude journaling at night makes me feel whole and real and is soothing as we embrace changes each week. I give myself permission to deeply care for myself this week.

If you had 15 minutes to yourself, what would you do with it?
As a mum, wife, business owner, coach, author, daughter and friend the mental load and working with the juggle is a daily challenge. Women are often the glue of the family, the energy and often give emotionally, physically and mentally.  The best gift I can give myself is to lay down outside or on my couch before the kids get home with my favourite blanket and listen to a 15 minute meditation – it is the biggest treat I can give myself (as I live with chronic fatigue syndrome and manage depression). This is the most indulgent thing I can do – allow myself to lay down for 15 minutes with my noise cancelling headphones and put on a great soul nourishing meditation.

What helps you unwind at the end of each day?
I love my bookends of the day – the rituals that support me to start the day and also to finish the day. Finishing the day properly is just as important as how you start the day. I like to finish the day with washing my face, brushing my teeth, laying out my exercise clothes for the morning and getting into my pyjamas straight after dinner. I have a gentle 5-10 minute stretch in front of the tv and watch a show. Lastly I get into bed and write in my journal, do some diaphragmatic breathing to calm the nervous system and think about three things I am grateful for from the events of the day. It’s time to rest and restore.

Discover more from Shannah on her website: https://shannahkennedy.com/

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