12 Hours of Self-care with Shannah Kennedy

Now more than ever, we’re looking for ways to stay grounded, find positive sources of energy, and bring clarity and structure to our everyday lives. “Women often feel overwhelmed and burnt out.  Often running on empty, the cost and result is finding ourselves tired, resentful, sometimes lonely and our health and wellbeing, happiness and joy for life take a back seat.  By giving ourselves permission to care for ourselves, and put the “oxygen mask on again”, to restore and reconnect with ourselves, to nurture and nourish as we head into winter, we can find new energy and feel refreshed once again.” A wife and mother of two teenagers, a business owner, speaker and author, Shannah works hard on her self care strategies that allow her to enjoy her life both personally and professionally. 

Here she shares her tips on her habits, rituals and routines to support her wellbeing in such a fast paced life as she juggles life, work, family, career and parenting.

Mornings Matter – Develop your small rituals that set you up for a great day. My rule is no technology in the bedroom, (no phones in the room – to support great sleep). Before you rise, take 3 deep grounding breaths, set your intention for the day and then get up and make your bed. Move your body, hydrate and have your list ready for the day as the brain needs a map.  How you start the day is a habit plan worth investing in.

The Quick Pause – Wash your hands with joy, be kind to yourself in the mirror, stretch your body or get some air with a quick walk.  Take 3 deep grounding breaths to restore your energy and reset for the next block or work or to do list item.

Refuel – Like any athlete we need to stop and refuel for the second half of the day. Give yourself a tools down time, to eat something nourishing, hydrate, and grab a little pocket of joy.  Read 10 pages of a book, listen to a podcast, call a friend, walk, write a journal entry or put some music on.  Again take 3 deep grounding breaths and let’s get going again.

Last Pit Stop – Before we head into the night time commitments, I take a quick break to have a snack of nuts, seeds, yoghurt or piece of fruit.  There is no coffee after 12pm to protect my sleep. A quick stretch, mental preparation for the kids arriving home and I transition out of business woman, coach, speaker into being a mum.  Just prior to 5pm, a 5 minute guided meditation in my chair sets me up for this transition and then it is tools down and time for family.

Feel Good – Practice what self care means to you. Turn your chores into mindful practices (put the washing on, prep your snacks or meal for the following day and find gratitude in what we have), enjoy your meal, read your book, watch a great show, doing some colouring, a few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, have a bath, get into your pj’s, put on some candles, wash your face and put on some lavender oil. It is now time to nourish, to nurture and to be a human being.  How you finish the day is just as important as how you start it.

Sleep and Repair – Restore your power, support your mental health and wellbeing. Have a consistent bedtime, no technology in the bedroom (except alarm clock) and get ready for deep slumber. A cool, dark room, it is time to fully switch off. Write 3 things you are grateful for each night and turn out the light.  Sleep is your most powerful reset button, the best medicine you can take. 

Discover more from Shannah on her website: https://shannahkennedy.com/

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