Enjoy some long overdue self-care with tips for cultivating wellness from Wellness advocate Meredith Gaston.

Radiant wellness is a mind, body and spirit humming together in harmony. When we love and care for ourselves we make compassionate, thoughtful choices in the name of our health and happiness. Cultivating wellness is not about following stressful diets or punishing exercise routines, nor it is about suffering or deprivation. True wellness is celebration. When we celebrate the beauty of life, the fullness of our potential and the bounty of our natural world, we come to understand wellbeing as holistic; encompassing all aspects of our lives. The thoughts we choose to think and the words we speak, the actions we take and the healing foods we eat, the way we move our bodies and activate our creativity, the courageous ways we embark upon our journeys, follow our hearts and pursue our dreams. When we offer ourselves our very own love, time and care we support and nurture our wellness on the deepest possible level, energising ourselves for a wonderful life. 

Affirmation: Through loving acts of self-care, my wellness blossoms.  “A joyous and fulfilling life is built on a foundation of personal wellbeing and self care.”

Five top tips for cultivating wellness: 

1. Choose Joy 
While each day is a patchwork of light and shade, choosing joy means choosing to see the good, positive and beautiful qualities within ourselves, others and the world around us as a matter of preference. It is our choice to place our focus on what is well and good in our lives and in doing so, attract even more wellness and goodness into our days. Our level of happiness plays an essential role in determining the state of our health. Let the healing, strengthening frequency of joy elevate your wellness to sparkling new heights. 

2. Connect 
We are in this life to connect with ourselves and each other and to feel fortified, nourished and nurtured by relationships that heal and uplift our spirits. Let’s be present for one other, care for and listen to one another, work together to make a difference, and cultivate meaningful connections to support and inspire each other in daily life. Our future is community. Let’s choose collaboration over competition and see with loving, compassionate eyes that we are all in this life together. 

3. Eat real food 
We are what we eat. We foster strength, clarity and vibrant energy by building our minds and bodies on nutrient rich, healing whole foods from nature. Experience the tremendous benefits of enjoying real, wholesome food in your daily life. 

4. Slow down 
Prioritising rest and relaxation is essential self-care. When we are rested we can do, be and enjoy so much more. Take restorative little breaks each day without guilt or shame. Tune into your body with tenderness, ensuring that you meet your own unique needs. Plan little breaks away to refresh your spirit. Pause to take a breath, reset your attitude and reframe your perspective. Align your priorities with your innermost values each day, and be sure not to let the beauty and magic of your own life story pass you by. 

5. Love the Earth 
We have nothing without our earth. Indeed, the wellness of our earth is directed connected to our own health and happiness. Our beautiful earth is calling out for our tenderness and care more than ever now. By choosing to live simply, naturally and kindly, each one of us can become part of a healing, bigger picture solution.

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