It’s more important now than ever to take time to yourself and enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation. Wellness advocate Meredith Gaston, shares her tips for unwinding and setting recharge each day.

Taking time to slow down in our busy daily lives is an essential act of self-care. When we rest and relax we restore our energy, fortifying ourselves to live truly vibrant and fulfilling lives. It is a joy to rest; to comfort and nurture ourselves, indulge our senses and luxuriate in stillness and peace. Some days there could be nothing more delicious than a decadent sleep-in, a spontaneous siesta or an early night. Give yourself permission to rest and let go every day. Curl up on the sofa with a good book, a pet or a beautiful view. Take time to savour the therapeutic benefits of nature; a gentle morning walk, a majestic sunset or a little prayer under the stars. In a quick-fix, bustling world be revolutionary, and choose to welcome rest. Celebrate slow and quiet moments just for you; gentle moments in which you can unwind, reset and return to centre. 

Affirmation: I make time each day to meet my own needs. I savour rest and relaxation.

“Embracing rest is essential for cultivating lasting energy and inner peace.”

Five top tips for blissful rest: 

1. Make yourself comfortable 
A dark and temperate sleeping space contributes to a restful night’s sleep. If seeking to maximise your sleeping comfort think heavenly pyjamas or bedlinen, curtains or eye masks, heating or cooling, even gentle white-noise to increase your peace. 

2. Savour sleep rituals 
Little nightly rituals can help set the scene for a restful sleep and assist you to transition from action mode to rest mode. You might like to light a candle and enjoy a quiet cup of herbal tea, do a series of gentle stretches, read a good book or write in your journal. Sleep rituals let your mind and body know that the day is done, and it’s time to relax. 

3. Set your sleep rhythm 
Committing to tucking into bed and rising with as regular a rhythm as possible each day supports our minds and bodies to settle down and find rest more easily. Freeing ourselves of screen time directly before and after sleep helps us to calm our nervous systems too as we set healthy, new rhythms for optimal wellbeing. 

4. Tune into your body 
Quietening down and listening in to our bodies helps us to understand and love them all the more. Acknowledging and prioritising our need for rest without guilt or shame allows us to blossom. When we are rested we can do and be so much more. 

5. Weave rest into your day 
A rest might look like closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths, or taking a slow, gentle walk in your lunch-break. It might mean enjoying an hour away from your screen or switching off your notifications. It might involve putting your feet up for half an hour or enjoying a short meditation. Weave rest into your day and experience the deep, healing benefits of regular down-time in daily life. 

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