This month, we hear from wellness advocate Meredith Gaston, as she shares her tips for cultivating kindness.

Kindness is a healing, fortifying elixir, universal balm for the world weary and a simple, nourishing source of comfort and joy. In each moment kindness is a choice that we possess. We can choose to think kind thoughts, speak kind words and perform kind acts and in doing so, transform ourselves and the world around us for the better. Practising kindness towards ourselves is the foundation for cultivating kindness in our relationships with others. When we treat ourselves with kindness we grow our self-esteem and sense of self-worth. We inspire, nourish and motivate ourselves as we move through each day feeling lighter, freer, more peaceful and more confident.

In this satisfied state of being cultivated by self-kindness, it naturally becomes easier to be more loving, generous and patient towards others with whom we share our world. We soon realise how happy being kind can make us feel. Let kindness begin with us, and let us change the world.

Affirmation: May my inner voice be the kindest voice I know.
“Let kindness begin with us, and let us change the world.”

Five top tips for cultivating kindness:

1. Nurture your inner voice
Speak kindly, gently and encouragingly towards yourself as a matter of priority. Nurture yourself with positive self-talk so that you may feel energised to live the life of your dreams. No one benefits from being spoken down to in disparaging or negative ways. Let your inner voice be the kindest voice you know.

2. Let kindness begin with you
Don’t wait for kindness, spark it and share it. Give a genuine compliment. Lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Notice when somebody could do with a little tenderness and offer them your time and care. Don’t wait, be what you are looking for. Be kind.

3. No act of kindness is too small
We needn’t aim for grandiose acts of kindness in our relationships with ourselves and others. Starting with little daily gestures, words and acts of kindness is a powerful and revolutionary practise. Start small, and watch your joy grow.

4. Love the earth
Kindness towards our earth, our home, is of utmost importance to our collective health and happiness. Show respect for your environment by treading gently upon the earth and making wise, mindful daily choices out of love and care for nature.

5. Choose kindness
Don’t forget that kindness is a choice. It is always possible to be kind.

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