Wellbeing insights into gratitude, from wellness advocate Meredith Gaston.

Choosing gratitude changes our lives. Being present and open to all the riches we possess can in an instant, transform the world as we know it.

The most simple things we can take for granted may be another person’s dream; sunshine on our skin, wind in our hair, the sound of rain, a warm cup of tea between our hands, or the luxury of slipping into something more comfortable. Freedom to pursue our unique interests and passions in this life is a gift, as is the opportunity to explore the magic and beauty of nature.

Gratitude for our earth is a powerful virtue to cultivate. It inspires us to make wiser, more thoughtful and compassionate decisions across all parts of our daily lives. Every little act of loving kindness towards our earth contributes towards our collective health and happiness. Let the beauty of nature uplift and inspire you. Choose environmentally friendly fabrics for your wardrobe and fill your pantry with wholesome, real ingredients to nourish and flourish. Treat your mind and body to natural remedies for wellness and beauty and keep things simple; organic, joyous and fuss-free. Recycle and compost, mend and make do. Invite more spaciousness into your days with a ‘less is more’ mentality, and nurture not only your personal wellness but that of our resplendent earth.

Perhaps most importantly of all, attuning ourselves to the uplifting energy of gratitude allows us to feel the joy of abundance. It inspires us to live and savour our lives to the fullest. You might like to pause for a moment now and reflect on three things for which you feel grateful today. Take this precious time to refresh your perspective, nourish your spirit and nurture your peace.

Affirmation: Cultivating gratitude grows my peace and joy.
“Gratitude is the open door to abundance.”

Five top tips to cultivate gratitude:

1. Shift your focus 
Actively focus upon what you do have rather than what you feel you lack. Notice how much more fulfilled you can instantly feel.

2. Count your blessings
You might like to keep a gratitude journal by your bed in which you list moments, things, people or experiences for which you feel grateful. This simple but profound practise has deeply transformative effects and takes just moments to enjoy. You might like to try gratitude journaling as a ritual to begin and end each day with joy.

3. Do what you love and love what you do
It is easier to be grateful when you are meeting your own needs through following your bliss.

4. ’Practice’ Gratitude
At any time or especially when feeling low, anxious or unrestful, reflect on three things for which you feel grateful. Allow this simple practise to upgrade your thoughts and refresh your energy.

5. Express your gratitude
Say thank you, give genuine compliments, write notes of love and appreciation, and let those around you know just how grateful you feel for them. Express your gratitude towards our earth by considering your environmental impact day to day. Make thoughtful, informed and empowering choices that bring you a sense of meaningful contribution whilst nurturing the health and peace of our precious planet. Don’t forget to include yourself in your gratitude practise too by acknowledging all that you are and all that you can be. Know just how worthy you are of your own deep love and affection.

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