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Meet Julie Wise, an Australian Cotton farmer putting passion into the process.

Julie and her family (located north of Warren, in the Macquarie Valley, NSW) have been growing cotton on their 10,000 acre farm for around 20 years. “We only hold a small water licence which means we can only grow cotton in years where we are given a 60 percent or more allocation from Burrendong Dam,” she says. “This means we grow cotton around 50 percent of the time. We also have a range of enterprises from sheep, cattle, farming wheat, barley, chickpeas and canola and we also do contract farming – which makes us very busy all year round!”

The ongoing Australian drought has meant that Julie and her family have had to work hard to improve their water efficiency. “It’s not possible to farm without water and because it’s such a precious resource when we’re farming cotton we minimise any wastage by accurate irrigation timings,” she says. “We also use technologies like C-probes (soil moisture probes) and constant visual monitoring to help us achieve this.”

Julie describes cotton farming as being a joyous and rewarding exercise and Australian cotton as having an international reputation as being the best quality. “We have the highest yields and produce cotton both sustainably and ethically,” she says. “As an industry we have made vast improvements in a number of areas and I feel a sense of pride in the product we produce. You can always feel the quality of 100 percent Aussie cotton. By supporting us and choosing to buy Aussie cotton you’re ensuring we can continue to innovate and evolve as needed in terms of sustainability and profitability to ensure our future.”

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