Wellbeing insights into happiness, from wellness advocate Meredith Gaston.

Meredith Gaston is an internationally acclaimed Australian artist, best-selling author, inspirational wellness coach and speaker. Celebrating the release of her seventh book ‘Find Your Sparkle – Embracing the Magic of Life’, Meredith’s lovingly illustrated books are translated into many foreign languages plus her original artworks and limited edition prints are collected worldwide. Meredith also collaborates with us at Sussan to create beautiful and exclusive product that supports BCNA, with $5 from every purchase going directly to our charity partner. In this article series, Meredith explores her passion for well being and inspires us to live a life full of wellness.

Affirmation: Happiness is my way of travel 

“When we touch all parts of our lives with love and appreciation, abundant joy and inspiration become ours to enjoy.”

Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of journeying. Our life stories are quite simply collections of once in a lifetime moments. When we choose to approach our lives with joy, we infuse all our moments with the essence of happiness. Happiness is ours to have for today, not tomorrow. Happiness is ours for now, in this moment, not for when we tick a particular box or achieve a certain goal. Happiness is not about fireworks, grandeur or fuss, perfecting, polishing or planning. Happiness is about feeling. It is found in the most subtle, tender moments of our own presence, and it grows with gratitude, kindness, rest and grace. Happiness is a loving thought or a hand to hold, a beautiful surprise or a walk in nature. Happiness is the sound of laughter to light up a room, the joy of feeling beautiful, or the nurturing embrace of a true friendship. May happiness be your way of travel, and may the moments in which peace hums gently about you be the fabric of your joy. 

Five top tips for cultivating happiness:

  1. 1. Go with love
    Remember that happiness is not an end goal, it is a way of living. Day by day as we choose joy and go with love, we realise that happiness quite simply embraces us. 
  2. 2. Notice your expectations
    We can all too often stand in the way of our own happiness by fostering unrealistic expectations of ourselves and life. While aiming high is motivating and empowering, setting achievable, realistic goals and visions for ourselves to fulfill step by step allows us to stay motivated and keep growing in a spirit of positivity and peace. By releasing stifling expectations we may open our hearts to infinite, joyous possibilities. 
  3. 3. Surround yourself with joy
    If seeking to feel uplifted, surround yourself with joyous inspirations. Choose beautiful music and positive media, find art, words, podcasts, places, people and things that elevate your spirit and make you feel alive. In this way you will be constantly nurturing your happiness, and reinvigorating your zest for life. 
  4. 4. Make time for fun
    As children we intuitively know and celebrate fun. We can ‘grow up’ at our own expense, forgetting as adults to be playful and creative, light and free. Make time for fun in your daily life, and experience the truly wonderful benefits it can bring. 
  5. 5. Go within
    Happiness is an inside job. Tend to the garden of your inner world with love, time and care, and watch beautiful blossoms to flourish within you. Cultivating inner peace allows us to glow with joy, and gift our positive energy to those with whom we share our world.

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