The Cotton Care Guide

Cotton is an essential fabric found in the wardrobe of every woman. Durable, versatile, breathable; there’s a reason why it’s considered the world’s most popular natural fibre. A cotton singlet, a classic tee, a simple crew neck top; these are the fundamental pieces that we find ourselves reaching for day after day.
We know how important it is for your favourite garments to maintain their wearability and charm, which is why our Cotton Capsule Collection has been crafted using 100% Australian cotton renowned for its strength, high quality and world-class sustainable production. A considered range of essentials comprising soft tees, singlets and tanks from $29.95, each style in our Cotton Capsule Collection is designed using the finest Australian sourced natural cotton fibre and comes available in an array of earthy Australian colours that will retain their vibrancy with the right care.
As durable as cotton can be, knowing the correct way to launder and care for your tees is key to maintaining longevity. Treat your garments right; follow our tips on how to ensure that they retain their premium quality from one wear to the next.

Wash With Care

  • Washing your cotton in cooler temperatures is better for your clothes and the environment. Use cold water to preserve quality, maintain brightness and prevent colours from fading
  • Cold hand wash separately in mild detergent to treat natural cotton fibres and achieve a deep clean
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove detergent residue that can weaken fibres
  • Squeeze out excess water and gently ease into shape to maintain the shape of your garment
Dry Naturally

  • Line dry your cotton to maintain shape and overall quality of natural fibres. As well as being environmentally friendly, air drying helps to prevent static and large wrinkles from forming
  • Hang cotton garments in the shade as exposure to direct sunlight may cause discolouration or fading.
  • Do not tumble dry, as this will cause your cotton garments to shrink
  • Although dry cleanable, keep in mind that chemicals can be tough on fabric and may weaken fibres, cotton is a knit so does not easily tear or fray
Iron If Required

  • For best results, iron on a warm setting while your cotton garment is slightly damp to ease the removal of wrinkles
  • Iron your coloured cotton inside out using a cool temperature setting to maintain colour vibrancy and avoid heat damage
  • If a softer finish is preferred, use a steamer to restore smoothness

Store Smartly

  • Store your cotton pieces in a cool, dark space away from direct sunlight as this can cause fading over time
  • Ensure that your storage space is clean and dry to prevent the occurrence of moisture damage
  • When storing folded garments, opt for a dresser, drawer or shelf that allows for some air circulation. Avoid cardboard boxes or air-tight plastic containers as these may cause dampness

Always read and follow the individual care instructions for your Sussan garment to maintain longevity and keep it looking its best. Shop our latest Australian Cotton pieces here

6 Replies to “The Cotton Care Guide”

  1. All that’s missing is the information that this wonderful Australian cotton is processed & made into garments in Australia too
    In the future we hope

  2. Surely an Australian business could start producing garments, made in Australia – I won’t buy Made in China.

  3. Great that Sussan are using Australian Cotton, but where are the garments made? A bit ridiculous if they are not made here in Australia. I would gladly pay that little extra for an all Australian made, grown & owned fabric in Australia.

  4. I’m overseas and still buying from Sussan’s for the sake of Australian cotton. I can trust no forced labour was used. Would also love to see made in Australia.

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