The Linen Care Guide

We know linen is a fundamental of every summer wardrobe, but we also know it can be tricky to care for.
We’ve been weaving the same high quality linen for 15 years. We get how it works when it is dyed and how the quality of the fibre performs. We love how it washes and softens the more you wear it.
Linen is a durable fibre and caring for it correctly is easier than you think.  Here’s how to keep your favourite pieces looking good from this summer to next.

  • Washing pure linen regularly will soften it and give it that relaxed, worn-in feel.
  • Always wash on a gentle cycle using a mild detergent.
  • Hand wash delicate knit linen garments in cool water.
  • Rinse linen thoroughly to remove any detergent residue (which can cause discolouration due to oxidation of the fibres).
  • For stain removal on white linen, use oxygen- style bleaches instead of chlorine bleaches which can cause yellowing.
  • Avoid using bleaches on coloured linen as it can weaken the fibres and affect the colour.

  • Avoid wringing linen out before drying.
  • Air dry linen for best results.
  • Avoid tumble-drying linen. Linen has a natural moisture content of 6-8% and can over dry in a tumble dryer leaving garments brittle. If this occurs it can take several hours for garments to recover natural moisture and flexibility.
  • To keep your white linens bright, air dry in the sun.
  • For coloured linen, air dry in the shade.

  • Use a hot iron while linens are still slightly damp to remove all wrinkles.
  • For white linens, iron on both sides.
  • For coloured linens iron only on the reverse side to avoid the fabric becoming shiny.
  • Always iron until garments are pressed but not fully dry. Then, hang to fully dry before storing.


  • Store linen in a cool, dry place.
  • Do not store in plastic bags or cardboard boxes as they can damage the fibres. Always store in pure linen or cotton garments bags.

Always read and follow your garment’s individual care instructions to make sure ensure it lasts for seasons.

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  1. I put mine in the freezer after drying…….then I iron …..seems to crush less!

  2. Unable to get my green stripe linen dress to soften.. washed several times as suggested only worn one time very dissapointed

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