Collaborating with Meredith Gaston

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Tell us about your illustrations and your practice?
My illustrations celebrate the beauty of nature and the magic of life. I work in a dreamy palette of warm, uplifting colours and take poetic license with my subject matter. Vases can hold bouquets of rosy cheeked faces, girls can fly through stars upon swans. I draw from my imagination and experience limitless inspiration. I have been drawing since childhood, always keeping diaries, exploring and documenting life. For the last fourteen years I have run my own business; painting, drawing, writing and illustrating books.

We love these beautiful pieces that you’ve created! Why are these so special?
Working with small Australian businesses to create beautiful, meaningful, organic products in support of women’s health and wellness has been super special this Mother’s Day. Our soaps and teas are exquisite offerings, coming to you thanks to The Soap Bar (Sunshine Coast, Queensland) and Calmer Sutra Tea (Melbourne). I am loving this season’s floral print on our pure cotton tote bags, just perfect for market shops.

This Mother’s Day trio of products is imbued with true generosity, collaborative spirit, and a deep sense of shared values and dreams. Everyone involved behind the scenes wholeheartedly wanted to support BCNA and offer their expertise, dedication, love, time and care. It is so uplifting to take these products to the next level with the passionate involvement of others around the country. Together we can make such a difference, while offering truly gorgeous gifts to soothe, uplift and inspire all women they touch.

Tell us about your collaboration with BCNA and why it’s so important?
Each project in support of Sussan BCNA is a complete joy for me. Breast cancer has affected my family and friends, and the families and friends of my loved ones. In all my work – my books, wellness advocacy and health coaching, my mission is to champion women’s self-care, wellness and inner peace. We have raised over two million dollars for women affected by breast cancer around Australia. I am overcome with the significance and success of our endeavours, and I am so proud to be part of this collaboration.

For each Tote Bag, Women’s Wellbeing Tea and Soap Duo that is sold,

$5 is donated to BCNA. Perfect for gifting, or for you this Mother’s Day.

See our full range of BCNA products here, available

exclusively at Sussan, in stores and online.

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